Few activities in life are as exciting (or rewarding) as investing in a high-potential startup before it explodes in value. Anmol’s Private Equity and Angel Investing Group is your one-stop-shop for turning that dream into a reality. With expert guidance and a deal flow curated by veteran angel investors, you’ll be presented with fresh startup deals, expand your investment knowledge, and have a chance to profit massively when a startup you invest in goes public or gets purchased by a larger entity.

We have streamlined the Angel Investment process for you!

Let’s start with, “What is Angel Investing?”

In a nutshell, Angel Investing involves investing in early stage startup companies. Many will just be getting started and many will have already been around for awhile and you are going to be given a chance to invest in them before they actually get acquired or go public.

Now, “How do you make money as an Angel Investor?”

Investing in these companies will get equity in the company usually in the form of a convertible note so if they decide to pay dividends, you will receive dividends. Most likely, the money made on Angel Investing is when the company is bought out, sold, acquired or if they eventually IPO and go public. The reason why Angel Investing is lucrative is because you can turn $1,000 to $1,000,000 if invested in the right company.

For example, if you had invested $1,000 in Uber back in its infancy, that would have turned into $1,000,000 by now. Now the company is valued at 57 Billion.

Previously, these opportunities were only available to high network individuals, hedge fund managers, venture capital firms and private equity. Starting around 2019, crowd funding has been gaining steam and more and more companies are opting out of going the venture capital route and are instead going the crowd funding route. The reason crowdfunding is so favorable is because it allows you to invest as little as $50 in these companies. Most companies require $50, $100, $200 at a minimum so you can really wet your beak without having to put millions of dollars into these companies and you still receive equity so that in the future, if they decide to go public, that’s when you typically see a return.

“Who is this service not suited for?”

This is not for somebody who wants to get rich quick or cannot afford to lose some money. If you cannot afford to lose money or if you do not have a disposable income willing to be invested, please do not join this group. Typically, to see a return from an Angel Investment, it takes anywhere between 3-10 years. In some cases it has been sooner if they get acquired or go public, but in many cases it takes longer.

For example, if you had invested in Pinterest's common stock when it first IPO'd, you would be up roughly 20-30%. However, if you had invested as an Angel Investor you would be up about 600,000%. Same goes for Zoom. If you had invested in Zoom stock when the company came out as an IPO, you would be up roughly 600%, but if you had invested as an Angel Investor it would have been 200,000%.

Looking at these numbers, you would have turned a small stake of $2,500 into about $14,000,000. That is generational wealth we are talking about here. In addition to that, you will also be given Anmol’s handpicked and researched opportunities for Investment where he is actually investing his own money at the same time.

Top 7 Rewards of ANGEL INVESTING

Top entrepreneurs are typically great communicators, getting across their technology or medical innovations in ways nearly anyone can understand while also explaining their business models. You can feel their tremendous passion and see how fast the wheels in their brains are turning. Through angel investing, I have also had the pleasure of meeting other investors. Often, we have highly different backgrounds, yet we share a common core that builds great bonds, leading to long-lasting, true friendships.
Since angels decide which companies they want to invest in, they can put their own money in the kinds of businesses that are the most important to them. This might be industry sectors you have experience in or entrepreneurs who are alumni of your university or supporting a demographic you care about such as women entrepreneurs.
“Unlike any other type of investment, startup investing provides the opportunity to invest in innovation and to feel real ownership in the companies that you invest in. Every year, angel investments create thousands of revolutionary and life-changing technologies” says Ryan Feit, co-founder and CEO of SeedInvest. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting angels who are proud that the companies they invest in create new jobs.
Super Angel David S. Rose coined this phrase in his book “Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups.” Entrepreneurship can definitely be a thrill, but it oftentimes comes with unforeseen challenges. I know an angel who has said he loved starting his company, which was extremely successful, and selling it for a great return, but he didn’t really enjoy the part in the middle—running and growing the company. As angel investors, we know that the responsibility for a company’s success lies with the CEO and we can enjoy being involved with the company without having the responsibility of leading “in the middle” to get to a great exit.
Regardless of age or experience, angel investing gives you options. If you have reached retirement age or are planning for your golden years, angel investing can be a smart way to add to your self-directed IRA investments. Angel investing gives plan owners the control to grow retirement income and the freedom to invest in startups that are appealing.
Angel investing offers something new for everyone, like learning new terms such as “Deal Flow.” You’ll also discover new ways of vetting a company to see if it’s a good fit for you and your investment strategy. Sometimes gaining these skills can also lead investors on new life paths. For instance, one reason angel investing is attractive is because it can be a fast track to serving on boards of directors and then leveraging that experience to become better candidates to serve on corporate boards.
“Everyone on a due diligence team has their own unique expertise and experience. For example, angels with journalist backgrounds are good at research and interviewing. My background is management consulting, and I’ve found that I am comfortable with competitor and market analysis, even in industries and fields I am unfamiliar with” says Angel Barbara Clarke on how an investor’s background can contribute to the angel process.
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All of our investment opportunities are vetted and researched by our 10-Step Research Process.

When you join, you will also be given an incredible educational opportunity as well. You are going to learn the process of Angel Investing and how these companies are picked. Later on, as we grow our community, we are going to have webinars, educational lessons, recommendations and much more which will all be part of your membership.

The overall goal of this program is to increase our membership base so that we become one of the leading Angel and private Equity Groups online! This will put us in a position to use our group's power to have the CEO’s of these companies actually want to come and pitch us these investment opportunities. You will learn how to invest, where to invest and you will be able to make your own decisions all while gaining a higher education.

Anyone can join, no matter where you are located in the world, no matter how much you make or do not make; you will be able to participate in this amazing opportunity!

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